I haven’t updated since Friday, there are still no Mp3s on the site,
and I haven’t registered with any search engines. I’m fairly certain I
have an audience of 3 (my Mother, Father, and Wife) and the stats bear
this fact out. Overall, I’m fairly pleased that I haven’t stopped
writing altogether and just given up – it can be an ardurous process to
come up with topics to write about each day.
The long weekend went extremely well, a lot of driving though. Jenn and
I bought a new Toyota Highlander on Saturday, we spent Sunday with my
folks and Monday with her folks. Over the course of 3 days we had
Bruster’s ice cream twice, played lots of dominoes, swam in the pool,
celebrated Marty’s birthday and ate two great meals. I’m happy there
aren’t more holiday weekends in the year or I’d be dead.
I’m sleepwalking through the day since we have to pick up the new car
tonight. Wish me luck.

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