Shaving gaffe

I’ll admit it. I was running late this morning.
Jenn had left at 5:15 to go to the YMCA and work out with her coworkers
Becky and Victoria and I overslept. There, I said it. Happy now? Good.
As a result of my tardiness, I rushed my normal shaving ritual while in
the shower and unintentionally trimmed my goatee a little closer than
anticipated. I took a chunk, roughly fingernail-width in size, out of
the lower right-hand corner. It sucked and I knew it almost instantly.
I looked down at the razor blade to see 1/4 inch hairs where there
should have been 1/16 inch hairs. What a dumbass!
I’ve taken some corrective measures, by bringing the underside of the
goatee in closer to my chin, but it’s still noticeable. I give myself
until Monday before it grows back. Still, a total bummer. Not the way
to start my day, especially when I was holding out hope I’d get to work
Oh well, at least I’m playing basketball today.

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