The “to do” list weekend

Jenn and I worked our way through a monster “to do” list this weekend.
The impetus was the fact that we had friends over Sunday evening, but
in reality they just needed to be done.
Rather than enumerate every list item here, I’ll just sum up the whole
experience by noting that WebMD estimated taht we burned almost 2,000
calories a piece on Saturday! Whew!
Sunday we did some straightening and light lifting, but nothing like
the fence-fixing, lawn-mowing, house-cleaning day that was Saturday.
(So I lied about hte enumeration business, mostly just so I could type
enumeration again.)
Victoria and Dave came over yesterday evening for Bubba Burgers and
Dominoes and left happy. They really liked the house and didn’t mind
the rare burgers – I’m still learning the ropes of the new grill.
All in all, it felt like the weekend lasted longer than two days, but
somehow I’m in need of another one right away!

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