Weekend Update

I am a complete slacker. I didn’t bother to diet, let alone record my
progress (or lack thereof) on WebMD. I just lounged in the Savitska’s
pool for two days. My back is sunburned because I’m too lazy to reapply
sunscreen after I get wet. I am pathetic.
Now I’m worn out from all the inactivity. The sun and the alcohol have
zapped all my energy and I can feel my heavy eyelids trying to close as
I type.
In other news, Jenn’s brother and sister-in-law will be in town next
weekend, so we’re postponing our Tampa trip one week. Jen and Matt
don’t mind, and I’ve stopped the paperwork here at work in order to
change the date.
One last thing: I don’t update on the weekend. Not just this lazy
weekend, but any weekend. I think I’m going to make that a new policy
and update my FAQ.

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