Movie Weekend

Jenn and I spent some time at the movies this weekend and we weren’t at
all disappointed. Saturday we took Jenn’s nephew Trevor to see Spy Kids
2. We hadn’t seen the first movie, but it really didn’t matter. The
family-oriented story featured some of the neatest gadgets since 007,
and some of the old-school, Ray Harryhausen stop motion effects made me
long for Clash of the Titans. Minus Harry Hamlin.
On sunday we went to see the much-hyped Signs. Here again I have to
admit that I was ignorant of M. Night Shyamalan’s previous works. I
must be the only person in the English speaking world not to have seen
The Sixth Sense. Haley Joel Osment is creepy enough for me to stay
away; that little bastard almost ruined A.I. (but Spielberg did that
himself with a horrible ending). As an aside to an aside, Haley’s
little sister was in Spy Kids 2, just in case you’re interested.
Back to the review, Signs was thrilling, tense and scary. Although the
movie featured aliens, in the end it was all about family and the power
of faith. It was actually kind of a weak ending that didn’t really
define itself as being pro or anti religion, but it was great fun. Very
tense and very entertaining even if the lasting effect was rather blah.
And I could link to all the movies and actors I’ve mentioned, but I
think we’re all big enough kids to go to the Internet Movie Database
without any hand-holding. Thanks for your patrongae.

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