Headache, nausea and general contempt for consciousness, that pretty
much sums up my day. My only joy is in knowing that I added a bunch of
ratings to my profile. Yippee.
Weekend was fun, if a little uneventful. Thad went to Virginia to join
his ship – he’s truly in the Navy now! My cousin Nate rented a
GameCube. Jenn and I hung out and watched the UGA-Clemson game at a
friend’s new house. Nothing earth shattering.
Lo and behold, the first day of the week always sucks, even if it is
Tuesday. My boss is making me nuts by insinuating that I’m lackadasical
and irresponsible. He’s demanding that I finish a bunch of projects
that were killed months ago. I get the strange feeling he’s trying to
get me to quit. Am I paranoid? Yes, but that’s beside the point.
And what is the point, you ask? Jenn is pregnant and we’re both
There you have it. Just your run of the mill craziness. Who’s ready for
BTW, Jenn and I are going to eat dinner with John and Kelly Iacobelli.
Jenn works with John and they just had a kid, so I guess this is like
BP for expectant parents.

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