Long time, no write

What do you say when you’ve been a slacker for as long as I have?
“Sorry” would be a good start, so I’ll start there. Sorry. I apologize
to myself and my loyal reader, if you really exist.
What have I been up to I hear you ask halfheartedly. Well, the simple
answer would be dogsitting and the long answer would be taking care of
business – you know, “TCB”.
Jenn’s morning sickness has been steadily improving and the dogs are
behaving a little better. All in all my stress level is decreasing.
Last tuesday I dislocated my small toe on my right foot. It hurt.
This week Jenn and I are touring Northside Hospital and walking in the
Promina Corporate Challenge. Saturday, everyone will return from China.
If you can’t wait, check out the pictures here: photos.yahoo.com/aggies8688.
And Dan, I promise to have lyrics ready soon. I’ll email you when
they’re up. I guess everyone can see them then. Feel free to send only
encouraging emails to whoelse@mostlymuppet.com. Band names also
appreciated, as we have none.

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