My postings here are normally pretty random. Kind of like the two
modifiers in that last sentence. Unexpected. Haphazard. Sporadic.
I didn’t make many New Year’s resolutions, but I know I left one out.
I’d love to be more proactive about treating this site like a journal
and less like the trash heap (pun intended) that it is.
I’ve toyed with the idea of a photolog, now that we have a digital camera. I’ve considered changing blog technologies
as well. Mostly, I’ve thought about setting aside time to actual
writing and discussion on this site. Predetermined time that is
specifically for blogging. Can you imagine how much more inane drivel I
could put here? Well, could you?!?!
I think, no, I know that I’m going to do this. I’m going to
use this site like a journal and commit myself to sharing the minutiae
and the fluff as well as all the wonderfulness (wonderfulosity?) that
currently seeps through. I’m sure we’ll all benefit from the

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