Long Weekend

Alright, so I’m incredibly lazy and a decision I made only lasted for
two days. Forgive me; I’m human and very fallible. I suppose I really
have no excuse because I got the MLK holiday off yesterday and I had
the perfect opportunity to catch everyone up and I didn’t. I may go
without links today because of that fact, but at least I’m writing.
First off, we brewed beer on Saturday! Jenn lended a lot of support as
I steeped grains, added hops, forgot to sparge and put everything in a
big fermentation bucket. I took some video of the airlock bubbling
(which I may post here), so I know that the yeast is doing it’s job. I
should have drinkable beer in the next 2 1/2 weeks! The beer is a brown
ale, by the way, and I may post the recipe as well pending a good

Saturday night we hung out with Victoria and Dave and played games long
into the night. We finally dragged ourselves home around 4:30 Sunday
morning. I have pictures of that too, and I may post them as well, but
today’s post is about promises and storytelling, so you’ll have to wait
for the goods.

We spent Sunday in Newnan with my folks celebrating my Dad’s 50th
birthday. My Mom got him a digital camera, the Canon PowerShot A40.
It’s a pretty full-featured 2 megapixel camera that runs on AA
batteries. He thought it was very cool. Jenn and I bought him some
rechargable NiMH batteries and forgot to get him a CF card reader.
Still, he was totally floored and is no doubt reading the manual as I
write this.

Like I said earlier, I got MLK day off and used it to do absolutely
nothing. I did some laundry, cleaned up the beer mess and played a lot
of EA’s NCAA 2003 on GameCube. It was a very good day. Tonight, Jenn
and I are going to Babies R Us to look at gliders. There’s a deal at
Sears that we need to decide upon and comparison shopping is a good

I hope to post some of the pictures and video here soon and, more
ambitiously, I may move to a photolog sometime soon. Whatever the
outcome, I’m increasing my content, and that is key. I’m trying to
acclimate myself to staying busy so I’ll be used to it once the baby

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