Moveable Type

Recently, I’ve really been mulling over the decision of whether or not
I should use Moveable Type to run my blog. I mean, Greymatter is nice and all, but Noah Grey,
the programmer, isn’t even developing for it anymore. Plus, I don’t
really do anything but “blog” here anyway. My poetry, music, rpg and
other assorted crap is withering on the vine. Not to mention that if I
wanted a photolog, MT is much easier to customize and even syndicate
via XML.
So after all this “thinking” about MT, I’m glad to announce that at
least my pal Jen
has taken the plunge. Check her site out, it’s pretty cool. Also, I’d
like to state that my obsession with MT is not nearly to the level of
insanity as Gretchen.
If I ever decide to become less focused on all the minutiae of all my
diverse interests and just dump everything into the blog, I’ll be much
happier. Did that make any sense? Who cares, it’s a blog not the State
of the Union.

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