I’m the closest I’ve been

I’m the closest I’ve been to outright sobbing at work this morning. You see, early this morning, Fred McFeely Rogers, Mr. Rogers of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, passed away.
I can’t even begin to tell you how many mornings as a child I spent
watching PBS just to see that man say, “Hello neighbor”.
Maybe it was growing up in the midwest or coming from a small town, but
I honestly felt like he was my neighbor. To this day, my Mom loves to
mention how I watched his show while all my friends and her friends’
children liked cartoons or Captain Kangaroo.
If you were a child that watched this show, you know how much he meant
in your lives. I only wish that our children will know a television
show that is so loving, creative and powerful.

On a side note, I’d like to let everyone know that I’m not
manic-depressive. Jenn has pointed out to me that some people don’t
understand my Libra tendencies and that I should explain myself. Here
I am the scales, always striving for balance and harmony. Sometimes the
blog is the nastiness and vitriole I store up in order to have a nice
night at home with Jenn. This is really a sounding board for me to dump
my crap so I can balance out the good.
Does that make any sense? In some ways, I’m not really “like this”, but
in other ways it does accurately portray that I have two sides. Maybe
having a Gemini mother had something to do with that as well. Although
that’s not really fair either. Geminis are two people inhabiting one
body. I’m one person who has to swing from mood to mood to find the
I hope this helps.

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