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In college, my buddies and I had a running gag involving naming intramural sports teams “The Peter Tomarken Fan Club”. Those of you not familiar with this jovial game show host would do well to watch Game Show Network reruns of Press Your Luck. It’s fabulous. I spent many an afternoon in Grade School and Middle School watching this vapid, insipid, whammy-infested crap-fest on USA.

And I loved every minute of it.

So last night, after watching the tail end of celebritypolooza play itself out in a neat fashion, right at the stroke of midnight, I started surfing. I landed on GSN and their presentation of Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal. I was hooked. I’d gotten an email about the infamous contestant, Michael Larson, last week which directed to a site dedicated to the event. I only wish I were that intellligent, dilligent and downright crafty. Of course, all the current gameshows are really reality shows and I have no desire to live in the jungle, eat bugs or get naked, so I’m out of the running anyhow.

The whole story reminds me an awful lot of the rigged gameshow fiasco depicted in Quiz Show. Which brings me back to Oscar. We laughed, we cried, Michael Moore is my new God (Go see Bowling for Columbine), and we went to bed too late. TTFN.

UPDATE: With the passing of Peter Tomarken in a tragic plane crash, I give him some more recent attention.

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  1. Ahh, didn’t realize that “continue reading” section was a button for more postage. Yes, it seems game shows have given way to “reality” shows.

    And yes, they ARE rigged to end the way the producers want them to.

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