Jenn and I saw Cirque Du Soleil’s Varekai last night under their custom big top. It was a really cold night (skewering the “in like a lion, out like a lamb” adage) and we warmed ourselves in the courtesy tent before the show. A man wearing an Anti-Bush button (“He Ain’t MY President!”) gave me a few to wear proudly. I put it on before the show started and wore it all through dinner afterwards.

The performance was good, if not spectacular. Lots of aerial stunts and a theme that incorporated the Greek myth of Icarus. Those of us from the Nintendo generation remember “Kid Icarus” from back in the day. Now all my Nintendo lust is focused on my GameCube (we’re getting Zelda soon) and the new GameBoy Advance SP (backlit beauty).

Anyhow, we enjoyed the show and then ate dinner at Copeland’s. I was the only one who wasn’t on fire during the meal, but then again, I like Cajun food. Mmmm, Etouffee.

So, for a Sunday, we got live theatre, dinner, button-fied debate and a Nintendo flashback. I’m becoming eerily similar to Memepool. Maybe I’m on to something here. Now if only my traffic supported these claims.

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  1. have you been watching the reality show on Trio about Varekai? Laurie and I are addicted, and we hate all of the other reality shows (not sure what that means here).

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