In Media Res

So I’ve started writing the novel and gloating about it to a coworker, Steve. He was more than a little disappointed that I’m not writing a book on fatherhood, but I explained that my life isn’t about my experiences as a father. My fatherly duties and exploits are a part of my life, but I don’t think they’re really novel-worthy. If I were writing an autobiography, they’d definitely get some wordplay, but it wouldn’t be my only topic. All I’m saying is that fatherhood isn’t my only interest, but merely a facet of my being.

It does make me sad, however, that I haven’t taken greater effort to chronicle how Raelyn has been growing and changing and how we’ve been affected by these changes. I suppose the photos and videos are a start, but shouldn’t an (aspiring) writer examine his life with greater care? Isn’t that why I started this blog in the first place? Maybe I’m still too close to the subject or maybe it would make a better journal than a book.

Now I’m left with a really sticky decision. Should I use this forum to discuss Raelyn and only Raelyn? Should we start a Raelyn blog (Jenn is already on me about buying a domain name for her)? Should Jenn start a blog to chronicle motherhood (she wants to)?

All I know is that in my own small and selfish way I’ve started something I’ve wanted to do for a while: write a novel. Maybe I can juggle priorities or combine projects, but Steve’s observation has me thinking at the very least. Who knows, maybe more Raelyn news here in the near future or maybe my debut novel. Stay tuned.

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