No man is an island, but I’m trying

Man, first days are ROUGH. I feel like the new kid in school who moved here from a state far, far away where all the slang is different and penny loafers are all the rage only to discover that penny loafers have tagged me as a misfit and it’s only the first day.

In all seriousness, it seems really odd to think that this is my job and that this is my new office. My new boss has thrown me into the deep end and I’m doing my best to tread water today in the hopes of winning the world record by tomorrow. It’s not that bad (well, the metaphor is) but I’m just so tired. I forgot how draining it is to turn your whole world upside down even though I just went through this 9 weeks ago when Rae was born.

I think I’m gonna grab lunch at downstairs and bring in a picture of Jenn to set on my desk. That should calm my nerves, settle my stomach and let me get through the day before I crash because of adrenaline. This is going to be exciting.

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