What more can I say?

The past twelve years are going to be re-hashed ad nauseum for the rest of time. Eons from now baseball writers and sports reporters will dissect the many deficiencies of my hometown team and try to figure out how you can beat the odds by only winning one World Series in all those post-season appearances.

My only thought is this one: “The Braves are dead; long live the Braves”. Even as this October fades and I am again left with no parade on my birthday, I know we’ll trot out another Cox-lead winner come the spring. And feel the same sting when his teams show no heart in the playoffs. Two game five losses at home to Dusty Baker teams. I wonder who motivates his players better?

2 thoughts on “What more can I say?

  1. Atleast we aren’t as bitter as the 3-3 Florida fans ..

    With LSU, Arkansas and Georgia in their next three games .. it’s not getting any better.

    Atleast for us .. it could be worse.

  2. Josh says:

    Since I have a salt container in my hand, I guess I should point out that Lassiter is off to a schorching 1-4 start this year, losing to Milton (which is where our kids will go to H.S. if we stay put for a while). Yikes!!

    The hospitals in Beantown better be on sui-watch tonight if Zito takes care of business.

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