Literature and O’Reilly

A few things that are on my radar during this “precursor to the SEC East championship game” Friday:

First, Atlanta is apparently the fourth most literate city in America. Check out the study done by the University of Wisconsin. It’s a good read (pun intended).

Does O’Reilly deserve some credit for going on NPR to whore his new book? Yes. Were some of his answers thoughtful and interesting? Yes. Did the host of Fresh Air, Terry Gross, deserve to be hung up on? Well, to paraphrase Faux News: I report, you decide.

In other news, Faux News apparently has changed their ever-present and always snarky Atlanta billboard (overlooking Centennial Olympic Park and facing CNN Center) to an impassioned plea for Connie Chung to return to the network to “help” flagging ratings. In the world of serious-minded news organizations, Faux News is the local bully who can’t win with dignity. And we all know bullies are just scared, little puppies on the inside hoping no one exposes them. Their time will come.

That’s it for this Friday, fearless readers. Tune in this time next week as we all make our plans for the SEC Championship game. Go Dawgs! I hear someone is Volunteer-ing for an ass-whupin’!

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