If you don’t read on a regular basis, you should really start. It consistently offers the most interesting, rational and funny debates on the internet. All the intelligence, without all the flames.

Take for example two current topics of discussion: the homophobic policies of Druid Hills Golf Club here in Atlanta and the Fifth District Appeals Court (Florida) decision about fetus welfare. Both are really very interesting.

If, at this point, you’re yawning, here’s a sample comment about the Florida court decision from Plastic user NH4:

“Since the same Biblical passage that Bible-literalist Christians use to support their argument that the fetus is a child also implies that the Lord knew each of us before we were even conceived, I wonder when Jeb Bush and his Reproductionist friends will start trying to appoint guardians ad litem for female eggs and male sperm.”

The old joke goes:

Father: “If you masturbate, Tommy, eventually you’ll go blind.”

Tommy: “Can I just do it until I need glasses?”

Soon, the joke can be revised to go:

Father: “If you masturbate, Tommy, you’ll kill billions of potential babies.”

Tommy: “Do I have to confess, or can I still take the Fifth Amendment?”

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