Going Grey

I’m not changing the site layout today, but I am offering up the Grey Album for download for one day, today, Grey Tuesday. Enjoy your act of civil disobedience in protesting Capitol Records knee-jerk, draconian response to DJ Danger Mouse’s artistic fusion.

01 Public Service Announcement
02 What More Can I Say
03 Encore
04 December 4th
05 99 Problems
06 Dirt Off Your Shoulder
07 Moment of Clarity
08 Change Clothes
09 Allure
10 Justify My Thug
11 Interlude
12 My 1st Song

UPDATE: The links to the Grey Album have now been removed, now that Grey Tuesday is over. Enterprising surfers can always try “slash grey” and see what happens. 🙂

SECOND UPDATE: I have removed the album because I can’t afford to pay my host to triple the bandwidth on my account. And that’s almost exactly what I’ve received: Triple my monthly bandwidth. Insane!

2 thoughts on “Going Grey

  1. Ditto the previous poster. Randomly selected your site from the list on greytuesday after reading the story on Slashdot. I’m on a modem though – hopefully, the whole thing’ll download before the end of the day. Thanks.

  2. I too downloaded the album off your site, most of the other sites have either caved in to the cease and desist letters, or server load.

    Would like to know what your total bandwidth transfer is, at the end of the day (writing an article on this 🙂

    Thanks again!

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