365 days later

At 4:08 PM on Saturday, April 26, 2003 Raelyn Michelle Miller was born. 365 days later, one whole year after her birth, I’m here to tell you that Jenn and I couldn’t be happier parents.

Raelyn has changed our lives in innumerable ways and it has been a joy and a pleasure to see her develop from an immobile blob into the walking, almost talking, smiling toddler she is today.

A year is almost too small a unit of measurement – it goes by much too quickly. My heart, much like the Grinch’s, feels like it has grown 3 sizes, plus 2, since Rae-Rae has been in our life.

How do you measure your own happiness and the happiness of your family and child? Just count how many times they smile. And we’re all smiles here at the Miller household.

I love you, Raelyn. I love you, Jenn. Thanks for being the best mother and daughter a guy could ever wish for.

2 thoughts on “365 days later

  1. Nathan says:

    Man, I am proud of you. Hopefully we will have a chance to get together this summer…I am thinking about going to America something this summer.

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