Hey Everybody!

Today is a really random Wednesday. I’m working on some pretty dry stuff at work, so I decided to fire up iTunes to help pass the time. Appearing in my Shared Music list is a new entry, “Andy’s big wad of music”. I clicked on the title and shuffled through the tracklisting, settling on some random Weird Al tune. Unfortunately the track was locked by the iTunes store and the purchaser, Andy Merrill, was listed as the owner.

For those of you who aren’t devotees of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, Andy is the voice of the Space Ghost breakout star, Brak, whose show returns to the air soon. Strangely enough, Andy has a good selection of Brak songs in his iTunes library all of which are thankfully free of usage restrictions.

So today is a bit strange as I listen to Andy Merrill sing (as Brak) via Andy Merrill’s iTunes library.

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