Still Crazy After All These Years

Well, it’s been 5 years, so that would be:

1 apartment (and 3 break-ins)
1 house (plus a re-finance and some structural repair)
1 baby (in reality, 9 months and 1 day of pregnancy, 18 hours of labor, 15 months of fun and countless diapers)
6 new jobs (between the two of us)
3 trips to Orlando (two of which were successful)
1 new car
1 old car (that won’t die even though we should put it out of it’s misery)
1 grey dog
2 cats (one of whom has diabetes)
1 incredible marriage
1 amazing wife
1 awesome life

We don’t measure our success by numbers (even though I’ve done that here), we measure it in smiles and laughter. And I’m easily the happiest guy on the planet.

Happy 5th anniversary, Jenn! Here’s to another five hundred, if you’re game.

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