Texans for Truth

To combat some of the lies being presented by the Swiftboat Veterans for Falsehood, I present Texans for Truth. Watch their ad and I think you’ll see which of the two groups holds more credibility.

You should really be reading Eschaton and Daily Kos to keep up-to-date on political matters from a progressive point of view. I have a few more reccommendations that I may add to the blogroll until November 2, but those two are a good start.

In any event, playtime is over. It’s time for GWB to stop acting like he’s been a success when he’s been a divisive, miserable failure. A war on terrorism that allows for massacres in Spain and Russia is a miserable failure. Maybe spending all your resources in Iraq hurt our position; just a thought. A net loss of a million jobs under his administration does not strengthen the case for his tax cuts, it hurts them (someone should tell the Republicans this). BTW, the definition of crazy is someone who does the same thing over and over, expecting different results. If 3 tax cuts haven’t bolstered our economy, it’s time to pick a new strategy.

Instead of the “tax and spend” label that he ascribes to John Kerry, Bush is a lousy “borrow and spend” Republican. He has all the fiscal responsibility of a 16-year-old debutante with Daddy’s credit card. We have let him get away with frivolous, wasteful and irresponsible spending yet he’s applauded for saying John Kerry would raise taxes and increase the budget. I’m sorry, Georgey, but YOU are the President residing over the largest budget deficit in our history. And your Republican predecessors we’re equally adept at running up our tab with foreign powers. Only Clinton managed a balanced budget and it seems to me that only Democrats are concerned with adequately managing federal funds. Republicans can slash programs and demagogue all they want about liberal spending, but you can’t hide from the facts.

Only the Democrats have any plans for actual financial solvency in this nation. They were the ones who last balanced our budget. Responsible individuals know that politicians should have a plan, for the economy, for winning the peace in Iraq, for uniting our nation. They’re called Democrats. Vote for them in November.

One thought on “Texans for Truth

  1. I have got a tremendously good idea for Kerry. I guess it shouldn’t suprise me that the GOP is attacking him for being intelligent. After all, part of a good smear campaign is take any difference between the candidates, inflate them, and make the trait YOUR candidate has appear to be good, and demonize the trait in your opponent.

    George is an imbecile. He cannot think for himself, and he certainly cannot make any decisions. Any decisions he DOES make he sticks to, even when they are shown to be detrimental. The GOP did a beautiful job turning this trait of moronic ineptitude into something appealing by giving it the term “stable”.

    Phase 2, take the opposite trait and give it a “bad” name. In Kerry’s case, being an intelligent, thoughtful and learned person, they take “stable” and call him the opposite: unstable, wavering, unsure… a flip-flopper.

    So here’s my advice for Kerry. Embrace the term. Take it away from them, then tell the public what it REALLY means to be the opposite of Bush: intelligent, adaptible, able to learn from previous mistakes… someone capable of change.

    And the best way to take the wind from the GOPs sails?

    Wear some flip-flops to the next campaign speech.

    It’ll show you have a sense of humor, and will display just how silly and childish the GOP are being.

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