Thank you, Kevin Cameron

Kevin Cameron is the guiding force behind Mfop2, the technology that allows my moblog to go. I’ve been struggling a bit with Cingular’s asanine email footers littering my moblog posts, so I emailed Kevin for some help.

Kevin was gracious enough to let me know that placing the text


at the bottom of my email would strip out the offensive footer from my moblog. Brilliant. I’ve got to put this knowledge to the test this evening, but I’m confident it will work.

For those of you who run MT and want a moblog, please consider using Mfop2. It’s extremely easy to setup, as opposed to mail2entry or pop2blog, and infinitely less annoying than Airblogging, which suffers from the same footer madness that afflicts my Cingular email.

An indictment of the performance of Airblogging was that I’d get other people’s pictures on my moblog sometimes. Because Cingular addresses all of their outgoing photo email as, instead of using the actual mobile number, I would get these ghostly posts on my site from time to time. So far, I’ve been able to avoid this issue with Mfop2.

In any event, the moblog will now be regularly updated, so stay tuned.

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