The Tao of Jamie Lee Curtis

I’m about to admit that I watch Dr. Phil.

I watch Dr. Phil.

There. I said it. Happy?

Yesterday, Jenn and I watched a TiVo’d episode dealing with issues of the family, specifically children. One of the doc’s guests was author (yes, author) Jamie Lee Curtis. Turns out she just finished her sixth children’s book.

Don’t feel bad, I had the same reaction.

Jamie Lee was intelligent, fiery, silver-haired and funny. The best part of her appearance was the words of wisdom she had gained overcoming addiction. She advised everyone to replace the phrase “have to” with “get to” and the phrase “can’t” with “unwilling”. She admitted that those two small phrases had led to significant changes in her life and the behavior she modelled to her children.

Good stuff. I’m trying it out now.

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