Patrick the audio guy

Jenn and I went to a dinner party tonight hosted by one of her co-workers. There were plenty of children there who all attend Turner Second Generation and whose parents are all in the “entertainment industry”.

One of the attendees was the hostesses next-door neighbor who just happens to do the audio for Good Eats. Yes, that Good Eats.

Patrick, the aforementioned audio engineer, regaled us all with stories and anecdotes of Alton Brown, host of Good Eats. We were enthralled, since everyone I know (and all those at the party) are Good Eats fans. Patrick even offered to give us a prop from Good Eats if we were so inclined.

Needless to say that my angle of inclination leaned towards too late and too many beers, but I do intend to take Patrick up on his offer. Alton, if you’re reading this, I love Good Eats and Patrick was gushing about you the entire night.

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