A few of my favorite things

A list of phrases currently used by Raelyn which delight me to no end.

1) Mommy’s/Daddy’s Hand Puppets: This is Raelyn’s colorful term for gloves. Apparently they use hand puppets at her daycare which are nothing more than gloves decorated with googly eyes. Hence the confusion.

2) Good Job Daddy-Doh: Two distinct cute phrases in one package. Any set of Christmas lights or decorations that Raelyn sees she immediately attributes to my personal hard work. I put up our outdoor lights this past weekend and my efforts did not go unnoticed. This means I hear a lot of “Good Job!” on our way home from work/school as we pass the houses in our neighborhood. The second part is Raelyn’s attempt to say “Daddy-O”, a term of endearment that Jenn has recently started using. The resulting statement is precious to hear, especially from a daddy’s girl like Rae.

3) Sit Right Dare, Santa: Raelyn has a Santa toy (OK, it’s a dog toy from Old Navy) that she plays with during our commute. She frequently sets him down beside her in the carseat or on the back seat and instructs him on proper toy ettiquette. This sentence is also used to say “goodnight” to the stuffed Santa who currently resides atop our entertainment center. A holiday-themed funny, but one I had to include.

I could write for days about the adorable and always humorous things that come out of my daughter’s mouth, but these three examples really struck me this evening. I get the “warm fuzzies” just typing them.

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