Painful Upgrade

Instead of starting from scratch to go from WordPress 1.2.1 to 1.2.2, I chose to do the easy upgrade. Thing is, I also wanted to change my installation directory from /wordpress (1.2.1) to my webroot (1.2.2). Needless to say that I ended up deleting some files too early, notably my header graphic and I inadvertantly changed permissions of all the WordPress subdirectories – Damn you, chmod!

So now I’m sitting at WordPress 1.2.2 just days after making my leap from MovableType and wondering if it’s all been worthwhile. Then I write a post like this one and see that it takes seconds instead of minutes to see my changes reflected on the site and I’m not so worried anymore.

UPDATE: A big thanks goes to Dave for pointing out that my RSS2 feed was busted and to Beel for helping me fix things. Thanks, guys!

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