Night of the Nine Pukings

Raelyn was sick last night. Very sick. Scary sick. Little girl puking all over Steve Martin’s lap in Parenthood sick. It wasn’t pretty.

After her bath Rae was overcome by a bout of wretching that resulted in her having to take another bath. After the second bath came a second wave of violent, copious and projectile vomiting. After this second attack, and after I had used the steam cleaner to repair the carpet and the couch, there was a third round of puking. This led immediately to a call for a bucket and a decree that Raelyn would be sleeping our our bed.

A protective towel, aforementioned bucket and an entire roll of paper towels all made their way, along with Rae, into our bed. From 11:15 PM until 4:00 AM we endured vomitting and eventually dry heaving every 20-30 minutes. Raelyn was a complete trooper during the entire ordeal, only occassionally sobbing and most of the time holding tight to her Mom for comfort and support. No one got any sleep.

She awoke late this morning, around 9:15, and was in good spirits and quite thirsty. Following the directions of our pediatrician, we gave her Pedialyte once every 15 minutes for about hour at which time she passed out, most likely from exhaustion. She’s back in our bed now and hasn’t so much as twitched in over an hour.

We’re supposed to watch her for signs of dehydration, continue giving her fluids (Water & Pedialyte; no Milk) and feed her only dry, bland food (Cheerios!). I think she’ll be fine, though. That patented Raelyn smile and loquacious disposition are in fine form today. Jenn and I are both home taking good care of her today and wondering how we ever lived before we had a sick toddler. As gross as it was/is, I’m just happy my baby is OK.

One thought on “Night of the Nine Pukings

  1. Aw, man! That sucks! I’m glad to hear she’s better. Poor girl, what a thing to have to endure. Do you know what caused it? Did she eat something funky, or could it have been a bug? If you think it might be viral, I’ll loan you my VPN if you want to work from home all week. 🙂 We’ll be glad to see you back in the office, but my own baby and VERY pregnant wife would kill me if I brought home the plague…

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