Legal or still a toddler?

Raelyn turned 21 (months, phew) yesterday and Jenn and I almost completely forgot about it. Our little Rae-Rae isn’t so little anymore, so much so that we don’t stop to contemplate her exact age all that often. 21 (months) is a big deal, though. That’s 1.75 years for those of you not familiar with parental math. That means she’s only 3 months away from being 2.

2 years old. The Terrible Twos. Not a baby, not yet a little girl (Sorry, Britney).

It really starts to mess with your head when you start thinking about all the things she’s experienced in her short life. Or all the things Jenn and I have experienced as parents in that time. 2 years ago at this time we were taking pictures of Jenn’s belly for posterity and starting the nesting process. Now, you couldn’t find the nest underneath the mountain of toys in our living room.

I was talking to my co-worker Bill yesterday about being a parent and a blogger. His wife and daughter were in the office and I mentioned the fact that I don’t blog about Rae much. They both congratulated Jenn on her new committment to her blog and marvelled at how big Rae has gotten. I told them it happened in the blink of eye.

So what if it happens fast? I can still acknowledge Raelyn here. I have plenty of pictures on my phone and I’ve got one over at the moblog. She’s even got her own category which, Cingular and Flickr willing, will soon be updated. I want to make sure that I’m blogging about me, but “me” should always encompass my amazing family and the ever-growing Raelyn.

Quick story: Jenn and I like to tease Raelyn about getting bigger -taller, clothes not fitting, drinking out of a cup like a big girl – that kind of thing. Rae gets an endless amount of giggles out of our shocked reactions when she announces, “Mommy Daddy, I growin’ so big!”

Raelyn, this post is for you. Daddy loves you, even if you won’t stay small forever. All we’re promised is today and I love you just as you are.

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