Nearly crushing eponymous fame

I nearly stepped on Seth Green this evening. Seth was visiting Williams Street to hang out with some of the [adult swim] folks and I had come to pick up Jenn.

There, in the lobby, as I strode past the mayor from Tom Goes To The Mayor, was this diminutive redhead whose back was turned to me. Because of the small space in the lobby and the density and number of the folks standing there, I nearly toppled him over on my way to Jenn’s desk.

It was only after I’d passed him and heard someone call my name (Seth, duh) and realized I heard Seth Green answering that I knew it was him. If I were a smart man (which I’m obviously not) I’d have snapped a few pics and put them on the moblog.

By the time we left, Seth and the rest of the cool kids had retreated to the secret lair side of the building and I didn’t get to formally meet him. I wish I had though, because he was truly one of the shortest celebrities in Hollywood. I swear he was like 5’3″ (IMDB says 5’4″, but they’re being generous – he’s twice the size of 2’8″ “Mini-Me”, Verne Troyer). I think the side-by-side of two Seths would have been hysterical, if not very awkward for him. I’m a big-grinning idiot around anyone remotely famous, plus I’d dwarf him: an uncomfortable silence would ensue.

So, in summary, if you ever have the opportunity to almost step on an actor who shares your first name, for God’s sake take a picture of them. It will do my heart good to know that one of us did things the right way.

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  1. Robot Chicken

    I’ve mentioned meeting Seth Green in the confines of Williams Street earlier this year, but I haven’t mentioned his hugely popular new show, Robot Chicken, yet. I haven’t had the occassion to watch many episodes, but what I have seen has been hyster…

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