The lost, icy weekend

We heard the weather reports on Friday evening, but our fridge was stocked with enough milk to last the weekend. We felt the cold sting of the winter air, but our heat was on. We felt the rain on our heads, but knew the roof would hold. We just didn’t know we’d lose power AND cable.

It didn’t start out that way, though. Saturday morning was beautiful in it’s icy splendor. Ornate icicles dangling from patio furniture and spring-longing dogwoods. A toddler and dog both fascinated by the scenery. A father, too, with the pictures to prove it.

Fire in the hearth all day long. Wonderful, home-cooked meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Togetherness and blanket-snuggling ’til the sun went down.

Sunday was different.

1 AM. SNL ends. The power goes off and fits/starts five times in a minute, causing the furnace to belch it’s discontent. It does not come back on until 11:30 in the morning. We huddle together for warmth as we try to sleep.

It’s 56 degrees in the house now. The fire is stoked to life and so is the frozen mother and child. The cable is gone and with it all TV and Internet on this thawing Sunday.

We do the dishes and the laundry and steam-clean the living room. Thankfully, we can get a pizza delivered and there are shows to watch on TiVo. We all retire to our beds early to read and then slip into slumber.

Monday comes too quick. We were having so much fun stranded in our house. There is no cable still, but the house is powered and warm. We leave for work and school, but we wish we were still at home.

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