Review: Butterfinger Crisp

Butterfinger Crisp: all the ingredients of a Big Kat and a Butterfinger in a package vaguely reminiscent of Cadbury’s Crunchie, but lacking any of their unique charms. Ultimately, not as good as either the Big Kat or Butterfinger and certainly not as heavenly as the Crunchie.

Butterfinger? Only slightly. None of that trademark faux peanut-brittle, but all of that orange-colored spackle. Crisp? Sure, but lacking the true bite of a fresh (or stale) Butterfinger. Flavor? Much more like a Kit Kat because of the texture and a lack of any real Butterfinger-ness.

Still, a step in the right direction. No “B.B.s”. No Simpsons tie-in. Just a new idea from Butterfinger, albeit a tepid-flavored one.

Verdict: palatable, but forgettable.

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