Review: Stick in the Mud

I’m a big fan of the regional ice cream Bruster’s and so is my wife. She might be a tad more fanatic than I am, which usually means that trips in the vicinity of a local store end with us getting ice cream. I’m not complaining (maybe my waistline is) because ice cream == good.

So the other night after a trip to Target we had to stop by Bruster’s to see about the selection. One item, Stick in the Mud, caught our eyes and I was dispatched into the winter air to investigate while Jenn stayed in the car with Rae. Again, not a complaint, since I like the cold and I might have a chance to try a free sample.

Turns out Stick in the Mud is a flavor very similar to Chubby Hubby that Ben & Jerry makes. Ingredients: Chocolate ice cream, fudge ripple, chocolate-covered pretzels. It’s the dream flavor for every person who has a need for sweet and salty but isn’t willing to risk putting the pretzels in the pint himself. Not that I’ve ever tried – I’m just sayin’.

So this particular concoction of a stick (pretzel) in the mud (chocolate ice cream; ribbon of fudge) is almost too good. Sure, Chubby Hubby has certain peanut butter and malt differences, but the pretzels in ice cream idea is pure gold. I’d rate this flavor as #3 on my Bruster’s list right behind #1 Coffee Toffee (coffee ice cream with bits of English toffee) and #2 Fudgie Cheesecake (Cheesecake Ice Cream that’s flavored with fudge and a ribbon of fugde).

I’m glad Jenn made us stop (not that I offered any resistance). We all enjoyed our frozen treats on that nearly frozen night.

One request for Bruster’s, per my wife: More Galaxy!

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