Quick Comic Reviews: Gotham Central & JLA Classified

Gotham Central: Fab-u-lous. Buy this entire series. If you’re a fan of the Law & Order TV franchise, you’ll eat up this comic.

One caveat: the artwork, however noir and stylish, can make following the characters a bit tricky. I’m seriously considering putting together an online guide to the series. Pictures, relationships, ranks, partners – the whole nine yards. I may float the idea on Newsarma and see if anyone has already done the work or would be interested in helping out.

UPDATE: Loren Collins has already created the Gotham Central Roll Call, which is very useful. Thanks, Loren.

JLA Classified: Should have been 4 or 5 issues easily. Extend that story a bit and give Grant Morrison some room to play with this concept. The art is crisp and the story is intricate, it just seemed too compressed to work out so beautifully in only three issues. Plus, with a plot and pencils combination so potent, I just would have liked more issues to savor it.

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