Februarium II: What

The second Februarium post: What you love.

This may seem a bit esoteric, since I’m not going to discuss a tangible thing. Sure, I could steal my wife’s thunder and say I love ice cream. Or I could fudge my way through another “who” Februarium post by saying that I love my daughter, Raelyn. Or I could be honest and say what I love most of all is that most romantic, most intimate of moments when Jenn and I share our laughter.

We have a little inside joke where we try to get the other person to start singing (or humming/whistling/air-guitar-ing) a song. It can be a popular song on the radio, a children’s song or a made-up tune. It doesn’t matter. The only stipulation is that one spouse has to “infect” the other spouse with the song.

Sounds easy, right? It is. The only problem is that it’s actually quite difficult to resisit the allure of the song your spouse is singing.

Most of the time the person who catches the song swears under their breath at the other person, but sometimes we both end up cracking up. This is what I love. That brief moment together where we share our laughter about this terribly stupid game and its inconsequential consequences.

We laugh till it hurts. We smile till our faces ache. We hug till our arms get sore.

We love like we’re newlyweds.

What I love is the laughter. The intimacy. The inside joke and all its perks.

I live for that feeling.

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