Exstarvaganza (n): ik-“‘stärv-&-‘gan-z&

1) The act of denying oneself television by way of timeshifting technology and then watching a veritable smorgasboard/buffet of content in one sitting, usually on the weekend.

2) The culmination of a week’s worth of pre-recorded television being ingested in one whole chunk.

3) Delaying gratification of the cathode ray variety until such time as you and your significant other can feast on boob tube until your eyeballs are stuffed.

eg: Jenn and I had an awesome exstarvaganza this weekend. Lost, Scrubs – we emptied out the entire TiVo.

I haven’t submitted this item to Urban Dictionary or Wikipedia just yet, but I remain hopeful that it will adopted into general use any second now. Or it will be quickly and conveniently forgotten. Either/or.

UPDATE: I submitted the word to Urban Dictionary and it’s displayed on the site now! Go vote for my little addition to stupid colloquialisms! Validate me!

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