Bastardized Beer

I like beer.

No, I love beer.

I drink it. I brew it. I blog about it. I write reviews about it.

I. Love. Beer.

But putting caffeine in beer makes it something else entirely (Buzz Beer, anyone?). I’m not saying that we should all follow the Reinheitsgebot (German Purity Law) to a tee (only water, malted barley, hops & yeast), but some ingredients and additives are off limits.

Caffeine is definitely on the top of that list.

[Via Seth Godin]

One thought on “Bastardized Beer

  1. Attack of the smoking cessation beer

    Just when you thought it was safe to go to the pub, someone creates a nicotine-laced beer. Ostensibly the beer is aimed at folks who want to quit smoking, but I think there’s an ulterior motive at work here. I think the entire concept was drea…

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