X-Men and a Big Gulp, please.

Marvel is broadening it’s distribution base by placing comics in nearly 6,000 7-11 stores. This can only be a good thing for comics fans. We all know (or recently learned, in my case) that the comics industry has been dying on the vine since the early ’90’s when I left the hobby. An announcement like this one really boosts the perception of comics in the mainstream and substantially broadens the potential audience.

Comics in big retail chains, such as Marvel’s trades in Target stores, must be paying off. If only DC were doing the same thing, I’d have more reading material and more excuses to “browse” during our near-weekly Target visits. I wonder if Marvel has an exclusive deal with them?

Ultimately, I think that exposing kids and young adults (and slackers with the munchies) to comics in these kinds of environments might just bring the industry back to life. Heck, if I can’t get my finances in perfect working order to start a pull list at the local shop, I might be getting my gas, milk and comics at the corner 7-11. 🙂

Kudos to Marvel. I hope it pays great dividends for them and for the entire industry/hobby.

[Via Newsarama]

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