Ant-Powered and Ant Empowered

I’m lucky. I have a great job, a wonderful wife and a cool kid. I have all my hopes and dreams fulfilled.

As if that isn’t enough, Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine points out Fred Wilson’s excellent post about the power of individuals to achieve their dreams. Sure, people were always free to work hard and strive for their goals, but the barriers to entry for some truly cool dreams have dropped dramatically.

Consider the following:

1) I run 3 blogs and contribute to another. This blog, my moblog and my newly-minted linkblog, plus my infrequent posts on the Atlanta Metroblog.
2) I have a domain all setup for my podcast, I just need to “borrow” Jenn’s voice recorder.
3) I’m working on a card game that I’ve just released under a Creative Commons license. I’m hoping that Cory and the BoingBoing gang will give me some love (traffic) for my efforts.

I’m really no different than tons of people out there. All I have to do to see the beauty of our individuality is fire up Firefox and check out my Bloglines account or start perusing Flickr. The creativity that exists out in the wilds of the internet today is staggering. Blogs, mashups, vlogs, podcasts, photography – it beats TV 9 times out of 10 for me and I work in the industry.

We couldn’t hope to live in a more exciting time and I’m glad I’m participating and not sitting on the sidelines. It’s too fun no to.

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