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I’ve mentioned meeting Seth Green in the confines of Williams Street earlier this year, but I haven’t mentioned his hugely popular new show, Robot Chicken, yet. I haven’t had the occassion to watch many episodes, but what I have seen has been hysterical.

I know that several weeks ago people were talking about the show that featured the death of Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots from Transformers, due to prostate cancer. A prostate cancer group quickly ran a faux news item lamenting Optimus’ passing and pleading with young men to get checked early for the disease and thanked Seth for bringing the issue to the attention of his audience. I’m reasonably certain that both acts were done tongue-in-cheek, but it was funny.

Until last night, the second episode, “Junk in the Trunk” was the only one I had seen. Now I’ve watched “Plastic Buffet” and I can say that Robot Chicken is not a one-joke show or a one-hit wonder: it’s hilarious! They’re take on Behind The Music featuring The Muppet Show’s house band, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, was fabulous.

Everyone remember’s Animal as the drummer, but it was nice to have my memory jogged concerning other band members like Floyd the Bassist or Zoot the Saxophonist. Janice the Guitarist’s turn on Howard Stern’s couch was the best part.

Janice: I have Hepatitis C!
Howard: Show us your tits.
Janice: I’m f%$#ing dying, Howard!

Seth and the Robot Chicken gang have shown themselves to be pop culture remixers of the highest order. I’m biased towards any media outlet that lets Muppets bubble to the surface of the collective consciousness, but this show is very well done. I’m sad that they’re only on the air for 15 minutes every week, but I’m happy that they’re premieres on [adult swim] are so highly-rated. More Robot Chicken, please!

See the video of the Electric Mayhem segment here.

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