Geico Blogging

With all the Hughtrain chatter about Captain Morgan and his new, ridiculous blog, I thought I’d offer up a suggestion to a potential blogger, Geico, before they start. Blog well, blog often, and for heaven’s sake, dont’ let the gecko blog. Oh wait, you’ve already let the Gecko blog. Stop now!

Don’t get me wrong, I like the Geico ad campaign well enough. Certain iterations that feature the gecko are funny and the completely random spots, the ones that feel like ads for other things – reality tv, cereal – are jarring enough for me to stop and take notice. Overall, I think they’ve definitely cultivated a younger appeal, but they’re heading astray in one significant way. The CEO/customer satisfaction guy has got to go.

If Geico truly is concerned about having 100% customer satisfaction, this CEO character would be blogging, not the lizard. Actually, you wouldn’t have the fake CEO blogging, you’d get your actual CEO to blog. If GM can do it, so can Geico. They could even have an auto manufacturer/auto insurer blog confab. The press and the blogosphere would love it.

More importantly, though, customers would love it. Geico could prove that, from the top down, they actually care about customers and their satisfaction. As it stands, they’re more concerned about shilling Gecko merch.

My advice: lose the old blog and get your CEO blogging. Get Steve Rubel and CooperKatz to advise you and make good on your brand promise of attaining 100% customer satisfaction. As it stands, you’d never have me as a customer because you disrepect my intelligence having the Gecko blog. 0% potential customer satisfaction here.

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