Bathtime Science and other distractions

Two great things about being around Raelyn:

1) The drain tornado.
That amazing (even to this day) swirling vortex that appears in the bathtub as the water is drained. The coriolis effect in full effect. The drain tornado – beguiller of parent and child alike for generations. Just as fun for me to create and show off as it is for her to stare at and ultimately destroy by splashing.

2) Eskimo kisses.
Rubbing noses with your precious daughter while she smiles behind her “paci”. I’m loving the fact that she willingly hugs and kisses me now, but the Eskimo kiss in an all-time fave. All the love and tenderness of a kiss on the lips with none of the slobber. Try it with someone you love today; you’ll thank me.

That is all. More as the muse moves me.

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