Happy Early Birthday, Dave Winer

I’ll be very busy tomorrow, so I’ll send my blogging birthday wishes tonight: Happy Birthday Dave Winer!

I missed you when you were in Atlanta recently, I won’t be attending your talk at Gnomedex, I’m not able to go to NYC tomorrow to wish you well in person, but I never miss your RSS feed.

Dave is the father of the weblog, RSS and podcasting and is always a great read. Never one to pull punches or betray his own sense of self, Dave represents all that is good about blogs. He’s articulate, passionate, intelligent and he has a blog people respect.

All bloggers, myself included, would do well to emulate his passion and his candor.

Here’s to your second 50 years, Dave!

Who knows, maybe you’ll blog me on my birthday [Helpful hint: October 15 – I’ll be 29]

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