Tiny Tyrant

A poem for Raelyn.

These terrible twos

Too tired to sleep
or wake up on time

Thinly veiled threats of “time out”
or toys taken away

Thrashing on the ground, gnashing teeth
trying to hit when she knows it’s not right

Tantrums that spawn from nothing
other than time passing too long
since the last episode

Trying so hard to show us
that she’s not a little girl but a big girl

This is where we are some days
Today especially

Tearing out our own hearts
to see the joy and beauty of a growing child

Testing ourselves as she tests us

These terrible twos

I know this phase will pass, but some days it seems like she wants to do all her growing up and rebellion in 24 hours. Doesn’t she know she’ll be a teenager someday? That is, if she lives that long. 😉

All kidding aside, I hastily wrote the above poem out of love. She’s frustrating the Hell out of us recently, but it only makes us try harder to be better parents.

We love you Raelyn. Always remember. Never forget.

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