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Building on last night’s meandering, late-night post, today I got some exciting news. Dave Winer graciously points to Om Malik’s news about the new BitTorrent which features trackerless serving. Maybe it’s time for me to ditch my copy of BlogTorrent.

What this means for the ‘wedia’, regular internet users, bloggers, vloggers and podcasters is simple: none of us are a slave to bandwidth anymore. To quote the lead programmer, Bram Cohen, “Publishing with BitTorrent gets easier!

Still, what does this mean?
* Democritization of voice – anyone can create and distribute their creative work at minimal costs
* Lower costs – popularity won’t break the bank now
* Increased adoption – if anyone (everyone) can create and post torrents they will become the de facto standard protocol for video delivery. Bye bye, http?

I think it’s safe to say that BitTorrent is here to stay. Companies and businesses that learn to live with it, or better, design, produce and distribute content specifically for it’s audience will succeed. Steve Safran is right:

File sharing does not hurt companies. It helps them. File sharing is the ad – the band/movie/TV show is the product. Encourage file sharing. Seed your own BitTorrents. Your sales will go up.

This is the challenge of the future: entertaining, educating and speaking to people in a world where they themselves can route around traditional outlets, to paraphrase Dave Winer. Today’s BitTorrent news just made the whole game that much more fun to play.

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