What the bleep do we know!?

I’m not often viscerally and emotionally connected with a film, but the relatively new docu-drama, What the Bleep do we know!?, is a film that bridges this chasm. My ever-inquisitive mother-in-law had us all site down and watch the DVD yesterday afternoon and we were floored. Mixed drink in hand we explored the seemingly infinite inner world of the human mind while simultaneously experiencing a Marlee Matlin melodrama.

The film itself follows a pretty logical path. Marlee Matlin is a photography beset by self-doubt and depression following a jilting at the altar. She lives her life by popping prescription pills to calm her nerves. Interspersed between scenes from her life are interviews with scientists, philosophers and religious thinkers about the power of thought, the quantum mechanics of reality and the impermanence, transitivity and ephemeral nature of matter. In short, it’s about life and how we shape it rather than it shaping us.

I could blather on for a while, speaking in circular phrases about the messages and power of the film, but that’s a dead end. Instead, enjoy some of my thoughts, written down while I watched the movie.

Refuse Juice

Just convince all the rocks to be lighter, then they’ll all float away.

The observer can’t be ignored.

Don’t lose your umbrella
Don’t lose your head
Don’t lose your perspective
or you’ll lose your mixed drink.

I trust my own eyes more than I trust my ideology.

Trippy, huh? Watch the movie and see if you’re similarly inspired.

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