Bluetooth headphones, finally

I don’t know much about Wi-Gear’s iMuffs Bluetooth headphones other than what I’ve read at Engadget, but I’m impressed. Wireless headphones of the Bluetooth persuasion have always been at the top of my list ever since I understood what Bluetooth technology was all about. I’m very covetous.

That being said, I have a few criticisms:

1) The name: iMuffs conjures up some unfortunate sexual-themed images for me
2) The controls on the side of the unit. Yuck! Gimme a remote control or something sexier than faux iPod buttons. I can see myself accidentally changing tracks or messing with the player while situating the headphones.
3) The color. Grey is neither sexy nor cool. Please make them black.

What I do like:

1) Bluetooth connectivity for both phone and iPod. The unit supposedly pauses your tunes when the phone rings.
2) 12 hours of battery life.

I’ll write a full review when and if I make my purchase. As of right now, they’re not for sale.

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