Beer Goggles?

I went swimming in my in-laws’ pool this afternoon. Eighty-one degree water on an even hotter day makes for a fairly cool dip. But my brief swim in the above-ground wonder that inhabits the Savitska backyard pales in comparison to this: a pool full of beer.

Sure, I’d have to go to Austria to experience the wonder of this man-made lager lake, but I think it’d be worth the trip. I’ve certainly had enough adult beverages again this weekend to float home, but in that pool I could just float. It does present two problems, however:

1) Are all goggles now considered beer googles when swimming in this pool?
2) How quickly do swimmers who normally *ahem* relieve themselves in the pool learn to get out to use the facilities?

Points to ponder. Pass me a pint.

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