The no-HD Revolution

Turns out Nintendo’s next-gen console offering, the Nintendo Revolution, won’t support HD. Sure, you can play every game for every system Nintendo ever made, but you better enjoy the glory, splendor and spectacle of standard resolution. 🙁

This pretty much seals the deal for me. I love my GBA, my GameCube and the old, greying NES in my basement. I adore Mario. I worship at the altar of Link. Heck, I’m even partial to Donkey Kong.

But there will be no Revolution in my living room. The Revolution won’t be televised *groan* mostly because it won’t be HD.

I expect all my future, big entertainment equipment purchases (TV, TiVo, Receiver) will support HD, so why should I settle for anything less from my game console? As Engadget posits, Nintendo may lose hundreds of thousands of unit sales because of this decision. They just lost my purchase. I know my decision-set now involves only two players: XBox 360 and PS3.

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